Windrider is a female white-backed vulture living in Bravelands.

Physical Appearance



Broken Pride

Windrider's first appearance was is the prologue of Broken Pride. The vulture was shown skimming the skies, soaring high above the Savannah. A member of her flock, Blackwing, comments that Windrider's eyes 'May forever be sharp' once she spots the corpse of a gazelle. She leads her flock down to the ground, telling her flock to 'test the flesh' for eating. Her flock tests the meat, thanking the Great Spirit for the death of the gazelle. Once Windrider confirms safe feasting on the dead grass eater, the flock rejoices and picks the rotting gazelle bare. Windrider launches into the sky, followed by her flock. She then catches a current of air, surveying the land below her. The wise vulture then spots lions dozing under acacia trees. Blackwing then remarks that lions 'won't hunt for now' and Windrider agrees, and the vultures carry onward. Windrider then thinks about lions, displaying her opinion, saying them to be 'unsullied and copious'. Windrider clams to deeply loathe their arrogance, saying that they didn't respect the Great Mother and ignored her wisdom. She then notices two lion cubs although unnamed at the moment , later confirmed to be Fearless and his sister, Valor, romping and play-fighting with each other. Fearless then meets her gaze and opens his jaws and roars at the wise vulture soaring above him. That causes Windrider to then be knocked off course. Blackwing then notices Windrider's trembling wing and asks her if anything is wrong. Windrider then realizes the rest of her flock did not feel the impact of Fearless's roar. She then curtly reassures Blackwing that is was nothing. Windrider then thinks about the small lion's roar and then realizes it was a vision. Still pondering what she had seen, Windrider veers east, leading her flock farther into Bravelands.


  • Windrider is the first animal introduced in the Bravelands series.
  • Windrider was named for the wind she rides on.
  • Windrider is a friend of the Great Mother.