Sky and stone! I nearly had it!
―Valor expressing her frustration at not catching a meerkat.

     Valor is a lioness currently residing in Fearlesspride. She is the sister of Fearless and the daughter of Swift and Gallant.

Physical Appearance

Valor has a huge[1], sleek[2] body, a lithe, elegant stature, and tawny fur. Her muzzle is pale gold in color.[3] Her muscles are lean and strong, but her coat has lost its luster, and her dark eyes[4] seemed to be hollow.[5]

Personality and Traits

Valor seems to tease her little brother slightly, calling him 'idiot' when he was almost stung by a scorpion while 'saving' Gallant from it. She seems to have become more serious when Titan took over Gallantpride, but her happier side is renewed when Fearless comes to visit. She seems to care a lot about him, telling him to run when Titan and his cronies start to fight. Valor also seems to be at least slightly clever, as she negotiated with Titan so that he wouldn't kill or exile Swift as long as Valor hunted enough for both of them.

Often, Valor tells Fearless to do things for Swift, though she eventually dies.


"Sky and stone! I nearly had it!"

—Valor expressing her frustration on her unsuccessful attempt to catch a meerkat.

"It happened to Fiercepride just beyond the forest"

—Valor to Fearless about challenging for pride leadership.

"Sisters, come over here! Do you remember Fearless, my little Swiftbrother?"

—Valor to the other Lionesses on Fearless's return

"Titan and his cronies forced us to stay. I think he would have killed us, but Mother convinced Titan to let her live for her hunting skills"

—Valor to Fearless on recent events.


  • Valor is currently two years old.
  • She is one year older than Fearless.[6]
  • Valor's name means great courage in the face of danger.


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