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"Sky and stone! I nearly had it!"
Valor expressing her frustration at not catching a meerkat in Broken Pride
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Valor is a lioness.[1] who currently resides in Mightypride. She is the half-sister of Fearless, the daughter of Swift[2] and Gallant[3], the widow of Mighty Mightypride, and the mother of Gallant and Loyal.


Valor has a huge[4], sleek[5] body, a lithe, elegant stature, and tawny fur. Her muzzle is a pale gold color.[6] Her muscles are lean and very strong.


Valor seems to tease her younger brother, Fearless, a little, calling him "idiot" when he was almost stung by a scorpion when he batted it away to protect Gallant from it. She seems to have become more serious when Titan took over Gallantpride, but her happier side is renewed when Fearless comes to visit. She seems to care a lot about him, telling him to run when Titan and his cronies start to fight. Valor also seems to be at least slightly clever, as she negotiated with Titan so that he wouldn't kill or exile Swift so long as Valor hunted enough for both of them. Valor loved Mighty dearly and was devastated when he was killed by Titan. She initially lacked faith in the Great Spirit but while feeling from Titan and the Bloodheart Pack, she begins to believe.


Broken Pride

During hunting practice with their mother, Valor and Fearless chase after meerkats, though neither catch anything. As they pad back to the rest of the pride, Fearless attacks a scorpion, trying to keep it from stinging Gallant. Valor gaped at him, calling him an idiot, though there was admiration in her eyes. She later saves Fearless when Cunning, one of Titan's cronies tries to kill him, she later appears in the book, hunting, for her and her mother, along with other pride lions, when she finds Fearless alone, hunting as well, and they share what they hunted.

Code of Honor

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Blood and Bone

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Shifting Shadows

While Fearless and the rest of the pride hunts, he wonders where and why Valor, the pride's most experienced hunter, constantly wanders off without any explanations or excuses. Fearless suspects that she is intentionally trying to undermine his authority. When the pride fails to hunt a buffalo calf, Hardy complains that they wouldn't have lost it if Valor was there. Later that night, they return back to camp to find Rough and Valor feasting on a dead gazelle. Fearless angrily questions Valor where she had been, to which Valor responds that she had obviously went hunting. Valor rebukes Fearless for irresponsibly attempting to hunt a buffalo calf. Gracious timidly speaks up to defend Fearless, and he growls that she doesn't need her to defend him. The lioness is visibly hurt by this comment. Valor had been meeting up with a lion named Mighty, who became her mate. She kept it a secret from Fearless because she thought he would react badly. He finds them together later, and indeed reacts badly, almost attacking Mighty. Valor stops him, and Mighty is accepted into the pride. Fearless thinks that Mighty has made all the other lions respect Fearless less, and tension rises in the pride, until Fearless snaps and leaves the pride, giving it to Mighty. Keen and Ruthless go with him.

The Spirit-Eaters

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"Sky and stone! I nearly had it!"

—Valor expressing her frustration on her unsuccessful attempt to catch a meerkat.

"It happened to Fiercepride just beyond the forest"

—Valor to Fearless about challenging for pride leadership.

"Sisters, come over here! Do you remember Fearless, my little Swiftbrother?"

—Valor to the other lionesses on Fearless's return

"Titan and his cronies forced us to stay. I think he would have killed us, but Mother convinced Titan to let her live for her hunting skills"

—Valor to Fearless on recent events.


  • Valor was one year older than Fearless.[7]
  • Valor's name means great courage in the face of danger.
  • Valor named her two sons after Gallant, her father, and Loyal, Fearless's father.
  • In Oathkeeper, she uses the term "turning the tables" despite lions not knowing what tables are




Mighty Mightypride: Deceased


Gallant, Loyal: Living


Gallant Gallantpride: Deceased


Swift Titanpride: Deceased


Fearless Fearlesspride: Deceased


Unknown Lion: Status Unknown (Most Likely Deceased)

(Family) Tree

Fearless Tree.png
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