The Thornwood Troop is a troop of vervet monkeys led by Spite Cleanfur. They live in a forest of redwood trees and they are a rival troop towards the Brightforest Troop of baboons. The Thornwood Troop destroyed the Tall Trees by invading it and fighting the baboons. They led them away from the Tall Trees to cover everything in their poop as a taunt. 

The Thornwood Troop fought against the Brightforest Troop a second time in an invasion led by Stinger Crownleaf. Stinger and Spite Cleanfur agreed upon that the invasion would be settled in a duel between Sneer Grayfur and Thorn Strongbranch. At first, Sneer overpowered Thorn, but the latter retaliated diligently and became the victor of the duel, therefore Brightforest Troop was the winner of the invasion. At night, Stinger ordered Grass, Fly, Worm, and Thorn to sneak into the Thornwood Troop's territory to snap the branches, so that when the monkeys climbed on them they would fall to their deaths. This mission was successful as the Strongbranches reported that many monkeys died from the falls. Thorn was reluctant about the plan as he attempted to divert the other Strongbranches' attentions. 


Spite Cleanfur

Sneer Grayfur

Unknown male and female vervet monkeys