The Great Parent is an animal who is inhabited by the Great Spirit. He or she holds the title of either Great Mother or Great Father. The most recent Great Parent was a female elephant until she was murdered. The Great Spirit passes to a new animal before the current Great Parent dies and the new host of the Great Spirit is very likely to be trained by the current Great Parent.

Official Description

Almost every animal believes in the Great Spirit, a god-like force. Different species interpret and relate to the Great Spirit in different ways. Most of them believe part of the spirit lives in the Great Mother (or Father) who leads the animals and resolves problems and disputes across the plains. While a Great Mother or Father can, in theory, be any animal, as far back as any animal can remember, the Great Parent has always been an elephant, the most spiritual of all the creatures.


  • The Great Spirit has never been passed to a rhino.
    • However, the rhinos thought for a long time that it should be their turn to have one of their kind to host the Great Spirit, causing discord in the Bravelands
      • In Code of Honor, Stronghide falsely assumes the role of Great Parent. He gives the animals unholy advice that led to the animals revolting against him. Stronghide was then exiled from Bravelands and he died in peace. 
  • This rank has never been passed to a baboon.
  • The only animal that does not usually seek the advice of the Great Parent is the lion.
    • However, the lions used to follow the Great Spirit, though this was a very long time ago.
      • The reason why the lions decided to stop seeking the advice of the Great Parent is the result of their species' natural arrogance.