Think, Moon, Great Mother is with us! What lion would dare attack her?
Sky to Moon on the lions in Broken Pride

The Great Mother is the female bearer of the Great Spirit.

Also, please note that the gender-neutral page may be found here: The Great Parent or please view The Great Father.


This article is about any Great Mother, not the one that appears as Sky's grandmother. For her personality, go to Great Mother.

The Great Parent is known for being a brave, corageous, independent, reassuring animal; so far it has only been an elephant, though.


Again, this is not the biography of Sky's grandmother, Great Mother.


The Great Mother is appointed by the Great Spirit.

In Broken Pride

The former Great Mother is seen in the Strider Family, dealing with problems and doing the normal Great Mother things.

The former Great Mother dies.

In Code of Honor

Great Mother is dead; Sky uses her tusk to try to find who the new Great Mother is, but no vision comes.

In Blood and Bone

Coming Soon


  • The current Great Parent is yet to be revealed.
    • However, it has been revealed that Sky will search for the Great Parent in Blood and Bone.
      • Sky is possibly the Great Mother, though she may search and find that it is herself.
  • The Great Mother has never legally been passed to any animal other than an elephant.

Known Great Mothers

Great Mother

Sky (potentially)