Farewell, my Swiftcub. I know you'll return, and I know you'll succeed. One day you will be a great lion, Fearless. You have a destiny to fulfill, and this is not the end of it—for you, or for the pride.
―Swift expressing her faith in Fearless

Swift is a lioness currently residing in Titanpride. She is Gallant's widow and Fearless and Valor's mother. She was later blinded by Artful.

Physical Appearance

Swift is very thin, and her coat is coarse and dull.[1] Her bones are visible beneath her pelt. One of her eyes is entirely missing, leaving only the socket, while the other is horribly scarred, described by Fearless as being "an unseeing mass of opaque whiteness".[2]As is usual with lionesses, she has a tawny-gold coat, with a paler underbelly and muzzle. Swift has sharp claws and long teeth, as she was a skilled hunter before she was blinded. She has circular ears and whiskers, as well as long legs and tail.

Personality and Traits

Swift is kind and loving toward her family members, but she hates brutes such as Titan. Despite this, she has no intention of rebelling, deeming it too risky. She was traumatized after Gallant's death. Before Artful blinded her, she was very overprotective toward Fearless, and would constantly fuss over him. This is shown in the first chapter of Broken Pride when Fearless, then know as Swiftcub, saves his father from a scorpion.


Broken Pride

Swift first appears in the very beginning of the book, reprimanding Fearless for being distracted from hunting practice and after he pounced on a scorpion. She reassures him when he fails to catch a meerkat. Soon after, Titan arrives and kills Gallant, leader of the pride. Swift joins in the fight that ensues before and after the death of Gallant. At some point between her first and second appearance, she is blinded by a jealous Artful. Later, Fearless visits Titanpride despite Loyal's warnings and learns of his mother's injury. Ruthless is stolen, and Swift doesn't appear again until the end of the book when Titan insists that Fearless stay in the pride with him so he can keep an eye on him.


  • Swift was blinded by Artful out of jealousy, as she was a better hunter.
  • Artful described Swift as 'another useless lioness'.
  • Swift was known as the best hunter in Gallantpride before she was blinded.
  • Swift was the mate of Gallant.


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