Stronghide was an antagonistic rhinoceros who killed Great Mother with help from Stinger Crownleaf. At the Great Gathering, he claimed to be able to speak Skytongue, the language of the birds. As only a Great Parent has the ability to speak & understand Skytongue, the other animals of Bravelands had accepted him as the new Great Father, though this claim later turned out to be false.



     Stronghide had a daughter named "Brighteyes". She was joyful, but then became ill and Stronghide took her to Great Mother, who sadly said that there was nothing that she could do. Brighteyes died and Stronghide hated Great Mother for not treating her.

Broken Pride

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Code of Honor

   One day at the Watering Hole the animals rebelled against Stronghide, because the answers he gave them to their problems, caused more harm than good. The animals fought and injured him and eventually the animals exiled him from Bravelands. Thorn Strongbranch followed Stronghide as he walked in exile. Stronghide eventually stopped walking and slumped down on one side of a hill. Thorn met him there and Stronghide questioned if he was there to kill him, because Stinger Crownleaf had sent him. Thorn said that he had come on his own terms. Stronghide told him that "he" could convince anyone into doing anything and Thorn knew that he was talking about Stinger. After Stronghide confirmed that Stinger had persuaded him to kill Great Mother, Thorn confirmed his suspicions. Stronghide said how angry he was at Great Mother, what Stinger said had made sense and he thought it was the noble deed to do. He then said how he now thought that what he did was wrong and that he should have never trusted Stinger. Thorn proposed that he himself would defeat Stinger and Stronghide questioned him on if he was really able to do it and Thorn promised him so. Vultures had settled above Stronghide and he said that even though he was Great Father for such a short time, he knew that the vultures knew when a creature would die. After Thorn left he died in his place, peacefully. Stronghide was not seen or mentioned in Code of Honor after this. 


  • Stronghide regretted plotting with Stinger right before his death.
    • However, Silverhorn reveals to Sky that he had a reason, telling the story of Stronghide's deceased daughter, Brighteyes.

Errors in Code of Honor

  • Stronghide is called "Stringhide" twice.