Strongbranch was a new rank of baboons who have proved their strength and courage through Strongfeats given by Stinger Crownleaf. The Three Feats were replaced by the Strongfeats, in which baboons from all ranks such as Deeproots may try to earn acceptance. Stinger also wanted the respect of the Brightforest Troop, so that they could believe him when he would lie about who killed Bark and Grub Crownleaf. When the troop was relocating to a new home the Strongbranches were in charge of scouting a new territory and helping the rest of the baboons through the treacherous terrain. Following the later events in Code of Honor, Stinger also made the decision to disband the Council and put the Strongbranch rank as the replacement. He, as Crownleaf, made the decision as to help him further earn and take over Brightforest Troop completely, for this way, he wouldn't have the Council as an obstacle. After Stinger's defeat Thorn disbanded the Strongbranch rank and exiled it's current members for assisting Stinger. The Strongbranches were also blacklisted from any other troop for their crimes against the Bravelands.

Known Members