Ruthless is Titan's and Artful's son. He is enthusiastic and has taken a liking to Fearless, much to his father's dismay.

Personality and traits

Despite its namesake, Ruthless's name is ironic as he is enthusiastic and far from ruthless. His parents gave him his name before he was old enough to have one due to his father's lack of honor and respect for the pride law, along with his arrogance. His parents expected him to grow up to become a ruthless successor to Titanpride as lion cubs are traditionally named after their personality and traits after a certain age. Unlike Titan, Ruthless is also kindhearted and values life. Ruthless is also innocent due to his young age and lacks his father's brutality.


  • If Titan followed traditional cub names, Ruthless would've been originally named Artfulcub.
  • Ruthless was at least a few weeks old when he was first introduced.
  • Ruthless's name means lack of pity or compassion for others, but he is quite the opposite.
  • Both Ruthless and Fearless are the cubs of pride leaders.