Rush is a female cheetah and a member of Sky's herd. She's the mother of two cheetah cubs, Nimble and Lively.


Blood and Bone

Sky and her herd first encounter Rush while she was being chased by Titanpride. Rock noticed that Rush was slower than most cheetahs, as Titanpride has been chasing for a long time. Rock, Sky, and Silverhorn charge forward at the lions, and Rush collapses on the ground from exhaustion. After they drive away Titanpride, Rush tell Sky's herd that Titanpride abandoned a zebra carcass just to come after her. She asks Sky and her companions whether they're a herd or not, to which Sky responds that they are like a family. Silverhorn notes that Rush is having a family of her own soon.

Later, Rush gives birth to two female cubs: Nimble and Lively.