Resolute is a young male lion, and he is a very loyal member of Titanpride. He supports Titan very much. He has three scars on his muzzle. 


Code of Honor

    When Titan sends out a party to kill grass-eaters, the patrol chases the leader of a zebra herd, Sleekfriend. They wound him fatally, and leave him to die. The patrol wants Ruthless, who is in the killing party, to finish off Sleekfriend. Ruthless insists that he's too small and the zebra is too big. He says that there is no way he could fit his jaws around the zebra's neck. Fearless kills Sleekfriend for him, but Resolute yells that he should never steal another lion's prey. Regal clouts Fearless on the head for not letting Ruthless kill Sleekfriend. When Titan says that he and Resolute will kill two lone young elephants wandering around Bravelands (in reference to Moon and Sky), a young male lion named Clever calls out, and objects, saying that they can't possibly kill two elephants. Resolute hisses that he should have been named something other than clever, and points out harshly that Titan said young elephants, not full-grown elephants.

"Nonsense. Ruthless is a very special cub. He deserves a chance to prove it." - to Honor, allowing Ruthless to finish off Sleekfriend

"You NEVER steal another lion's prey! Are you a fool or a traitor?" - to Fearless, about stealing Ruthless's kill
"Come on, Ruthless. Show us why your father chose your name." - coaxing Ruthless to kill Sleekfriend, wanting to humiliate the cub
"By the laws of our ancestors, we pledge our loyalty to Titanpride. We will raise no paw against Titan. We swear to protect him and his pride in all ways." - chanting the oath for the new lions to repeat, swearing loyalty to Titan and Titanpride