Regal was the mate of the late and former Dauntlesspride leader, Dauntless.  


Code of Honor

     Regal, was first introduced fighting alongside her son, Keen during the battle between Titanpride and Dauntlesspride after Titan killed Dauntless.  

     Regal, supported Keen when he declared that he would protect and preserve Dauntlesspride. However, this was not possible as Titanpride overpowered and claimed Dauntlesspride lions and lionesses. Keen fled with other lions to escape the expanded Titanpride, but Regal was left to live with Titanpride. 


  • Despite being Keen's mother, she does not flee from Dauntlesspride with Keen.
    • However, Regal is a loyal lion, so perhaps she thought that leaving Titanpride would be admitting defeat to Titan, since she is Dauntless's mate.