Moon Strider was a young male elephant calf who was the son of Star and the younger cousin of Sky. During the trek to the mountains with Sky and Silverhorn, Moon was fatally injured in their fight against members of Titanpride and later died. He was then buried with leaves, sticks, and mud.

Physical Appearance

     Moon was a small male calf with leathery gray skin.

Broken Pride

Sky is seen comforting Moon when the lions appear. Moon journeys with the rest of the Strider family to find water, and then playing and drinking with Sky when they find it.

Then later on, Sky and Moon meet a rhino crash, which is possibly Stronghide's. Then a few chapters later, they play together. They head for the Plain of Our Ancestors, and Moon asks many questions about it.

Code of Honor

     Moon and Sky are devastated by Great Mother's death, and Sky runs away with Great Mother's tusk. Moon follows her and convinces her that she must let him stay. Star, Moon's mother is panicking by the Watering Hole, and the elephants are looking for both of them. Little do they know, the lions are ready to ambush them. Sky tells Moon a story about a elephant named Cloud, who went looking for a star. She uses the story to comfort him when he is scared. They meet Silverhorn and continue on their journey. The lions attack, and Titan gets a hold on Moon's neck. Sky calls for help, but it is too late. Moon dies, as Sky tells him the end of the story, finally telling him as he died, "And he found the star and he was happy." Sky choked out the last word edged with grief.


  • He wanted Sky to change the female character in her story to a male character.