Your father would be proud of you, Fearless Gallantpride.
―Loyal to Fearless after the battle with the cheetahs.

     Loyal is a lion that appears in Broken Pride and helped Fearless after he was cast out of Brightforest Troop. It is stated that he also has a crooked tail, possibly from a break that didn't heal right.


Broken Pride

   Fearless sees the silhouette of a lion with a peculiar crooked tail. This lion is later proven to be Loyal. Later, Fearless visits Loyal's den, which is marked with pungent scent markers and is littered with bleached prey bones. This crooked-tailed lion arrives with Fearless when they meet up with the cheetahs. The cheetahs have bloodstained muzzles and comment that it's true that the hunting was good in the place that Fearless claimed to be loaded with prey. When they see Loyal by Fearless's side, they think Fearless tricked them because he promised that he would only bring himself, and not anybody else. Loyal also helps take back Titan's cub Ruthless from the cheetahs.

Code of Honor

   In Code of Honor, before Swift died she told Fearless and Valor to not trust Loyal, because he had broken an oath he had made in the past. Fearless quickly ran to Loyal's den and demanded him to confess what he did. Loyal did not want to discuss what he did and tried veering away from the conversation by offering Fearless food. However, Fearless kept pleading him to confess and he admitted to committing a crime, but still did not say what he did. Loyal said he went against his own word and in doing so, caused a lot of pain, and that he will never regret it as long as he lived. He also said he did not care what any lion thought of him, even Fearless. Loyal proceeded to offer Fearless food, but the later exited the den immediately.

Blood and Bone

  • Gillian confirmed that Loyal broke his oath unintentionally by mating with Swift.[1]
  • Loyal's name is somewhat ironic because Loyalty is where you're supporting your allies and his affair with Swift was an act of disloyalty. However, he makes it up when he supports Fearless.


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