The hippopotamuses of Bravelands have never broken the Code until they fought a bask of crocodiles at the Great Gathering. Upon arrival to the Watering Hole , they were shocked at seeing Great Mother's deceased body and the leader falsely accused the crocodiles of being responsible for her death. The lead hippopotamus then fought and killed the female leader of the bask of crocodiles. Sky Strider attempted to reason with the bloat of hippos by saying they are breaking the Code, but her efforts were ignored as the hippos continued to slaughter the rest of the bask. The bask was divided in the skirmish with some who fought the threat and some who dove underwater to avoid the turmoil. The remaining crocodiles harried on the bank of the Watering Hole, but the bloat of hippos had killed a large amount of the bask. Sky then shouted that this is not what Great Mother wanted and that she upheld the Code. The hippos did not listen to her plea and ran in pursuit of the surviving crocodiles into the trees.