Grub was a Crownleaf and Bark's successor in the Brightforest Troop until he was killed by Stinger.

Physical Appearance

Grub has amber eyes and brown fur.

Personality and Traits

Grub is a baboon who greatly respects his Troop's traditions and customs. However, Grub is very conservative. This makes him very biased, rigid and distrustful of outsiders, specifically Fearless Gallantpride. This is due to the fact that he is a lion. Even though Starleaf had stated that Fearless is the "Cub of the Stars" and will not harm their troop, Grub continued to distrust Fearless despite his Starleaf's words and eventually exiles Fearless from his troop.



  • Thorn once highly suspected him to be the murderer of his predecessor, but this was later proven to be false as Stinger was at fault for Bark's murder.
  • Stinger was also responsible for Grub's death.
  • Grub was killed by scorpion poison put into his food.
  • Nut was framed for supposedly killing Grub and exiled from the troop. However, this turned out not to be true.
  • Grub is named after the beetle larvae which are called "grubs".