The Great Spirit chooses the Great Mother or Great Father, who protects and leads Bravelands. The Great Spirit is the ultimate guardian and spirit of Bravelands. It holds the power of life and death of every creature in the land. It embeds itself within the Great Mother or Great Father to act as a guide to to help the Great Parent lead the other creatures. The Great Spirit also grants the Great Parent the power to listen to and understand what vultures are saying, because they also serve as guardians and help the Great Parent. 

     In Broken Pride, Great Mother was murdered by Stronghide and in Code of Honor, the Great Spirit unleashed torrential rain, rough winds, unbearable heat, and massive floods upon Bravelands as a punishment. In Code of Honor, when Sky traveled with Moon, Silverhorn, and Rock in search of the next Great Parent, the Great Spirit embedded itself within her to guide her on the journey.  Due to the Great Spirit being inside Sky she could understand what the vultures on the vulture mountain were saying. This is how she was able to understand Windrider's orders as to what to do next on her quest. Since the Great Spirit is inside Sky, she is the new Great Parent.


  • The Great Spirit is also the name used to refer to Mata Nui, the primary deity of the Bionicle franchise.