Gillian Philip is one of the authors writing under the name Erin Hunter.


I was born and raised a city girl, in Glasgow and Aberdeen, but when I fell in love with a country boy I came to live in the Highlands of Scotland—after a twelve-year stint in Barbados—and I adore it here. I always loved animals and in the countryside I’ve managed to accumulate an awful lot of them. Right now we have three gorgeous dogs. Cluny, the oldest, is a big, beautiful, soft-hearted yellow Labrador. Milo, who belongs to my daughter Lucy, is an excitable red-and-white Papillon who loves cuddles and the lady Jack Russells down the road—with whom he’s had eleven puppies! One of them is my son Jamie’s adorable and naughty Otto, who looks like a chocolate Jack Russell but with enormous ears and a curly tail. This motley lot is a great inspiration when I’m writing about Lucky’s pack in Survivors! My gorgeous cats are called Pebble and Dash, but they’re known as the Ghost and the Darkness because they’re such deadly hunters. Pebble has a split personality though—she’s incredibly cuddly and friendly in the house and loves to sleep in my bed (or on the back of my neck while I’m working). Dash is much wilder and warier—in fact she’s at least half Scottish Wildcat, and she’s huge. And then there’s Buffy our ferocious hamster, the chickens Mapp and Lucia… and an awful lot of nervous fish! Do come and visit me at my website—I absolutely love meeting readers and chatting about my books!
―Gillian Phillip
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