Gallant is the former leader of Titanpride, known as Gallantpride during his leadership. He was the father of Valor and and foster father of Fearless, and the mate of Swift. He was killed by Titan when the cruel lion challenged his leadership.

Physical Appearance

     Gallant had a black mane, a tawny muzzle, and sleek golden fur. He was said to look intimidating.

Personality and Traits

     Gallant was a brave and benevolent leader of Gallantpride. He cared deeply for his family and pride and did not let power go to his head. He was also one of the least arrogant lions in the series. While like all lions, neither he or his pride followed the Great Mother, they respected their traditions and didn't forget an act of honor.



   Sometime before the events of Broken Pride, an unknown male lion challenged Gallant for leadership and lost. This unknown lion was driven out by Gallant. The prideless lion was the father of Titan.

Broken Pride

     Gallant watches his mate Swift teach their cubs Valor and Swiftcub to hunt. Valor curses after she fails to catch a meerkat. Gallant gives out a rumble of laughter, telling Valor she made a good attempt, while Swiftcub complains that he wasn't anywhere near the meerkat and will never be as quick as Valor. Gallant reassures Swiftcub that he will and reminds him that Valor is a year older than he is and must be patient as heis growing big and faster every day.

   A scorpion then sneaks up on Gallant. Swiftcub spots the scorpion and attacks it to save his father. Gallant tries to stop Swfitcub from putting himself at risk, but he ignores Gallant's pleas. Swift carries Swiftcub back to Gallant and Valor. Swift scolds Swiftcub for his reckless behavior, but she and Gallant are also proud of their son's bravery at the same time and decided that Swiftcub as come to the age where he should receive his name. Gallant names Swiftcub "Fearless" for his act of bravery.

   Fearless's naming ceremony is interrupted by a trio of prideless lions. Gallant goes to see what is happening, accompanied by his family. Gallant recognizes the foreign lions as Titan and his friends, one of which is named Cunning. Titan was the son of the lion Gallant drove out earlier he and hates him for that reason. Swift complements that Titan as grown a fine mane, but has always been brutal. Gallant knows that Titan has come to Gallantpride's territory to challenge him for leadership. When Titan challenges Gallant to a duel, he accepts. Gallantpride watches their leader battle Titan and emerge victorious.

   However, Gallant's victory is short-lived when Titan's two cronies attack him, breaking the rules, as the duel for leadership is supposed to be a one-on-one match. Swift tries to help Gallant, but she is stopped by Titan. Swift fights Titan along with two other lionesses, but they are outmatched by his cronies. As the rest of Gallantpride join the battle, the two lions back off. Gallant collapses to the ground and dies from his wounds.


  • Gallant's name means brave and heroic.
  • He is the first character to be killed.