Fleet is a cheetah living in Bravelands. He is the 'leader figure' of a coalition consisting of him, Bolt, Lightning, and Rapid. Fleet is increasingly annoyed when lions catch the prey he and his coalition are running after. This is probably the reason for his kidnapping of Ruthless, who would have been named Artfulcub if Titan had followed proper naming convention.

Physical Appearance

Fleet is lean and mildly muscular, the usual build of a cheetah. His exact eye color is unknown, but amber is a possibility. As with all cheetahs, he possesses a long tail and semi-retractable claws. His coat is a pale yellow to match with the savannah grasses, marked with black spots. He also has black bands at the tip of his tail and two running down from the front corner of his eyes down to his muzzle. He has small, circular ears and paler yellow underbelly and muzzle fur. Fleet has the usual long legs and spine of a cheetah.

Personality and Traits

Fleet appears to be rather uncaring about the problems of the lions, but is a fair negotiator who keeps his word, and would have held up the deal with Fearless if one of the Titanpride lions hadn't intercepted, leading to his distrust of and anger at Fearless. He also seems to be easily angered by the lions and crafty due to his hiding of Ruthless and his bargaining skills. His rank seems like the leader of his coalition, as he set up the meeting and commands Bolt, Lightning, and Rapid. He's also extremely fast and agile, as is per the usual for cheetahs.


Fleet's first appearance is in the middle-ending chapters of Bravelands: Broken Pride. He and his coalition capture Ruthless, Titan's son, because Titanpride has been hunting and stealing their prey and encroaching on their 'territory', even though the cheetahs appear to be fairly flexible about where they live. When Fearless and Sky approach him, he accepts their deal for a meeting where they give Ruthless back. However, one of the Titanpride lions, Cunning, intercepted the meeting to steal Ruthless. This led Fleet to believe, rather rationally, that Fearless had planted a trap and was not to be trusted. He and the other cheetahs kill Cunning and hide Ruthless, refusing to meet again. However, Fearless, Mud, and Thorn set up a plan to retrieve the young lion. Fearless and Loyal distracted Fleet and his coalition while the baboons returned Ruthless to Fearless.. Fleet's current location is unknown.