Fierce was a lion who was formerly the leader of the extinct Fiercepride that lived beyond the forest of Gallantpride's territory.

Valor mentioned Fierce when Fearless asks her if Titan has the power to take over Gallantpride.


Fierce ruled his pride for several years until he fought and was defeated by a lion named Strong.

According to Valor, when Fierce was defeated, he was forced to live out the rest of his days in exile. His family became "Strongpride" and life under Strong's rule, which wasn't pretty. Strong was a tyrannic leader who made poor and foolish decisions until Strongpride was wiped out.

Strong did terrible things to the new pride.


  • Fierce is the 3rd pride leader known in the series so far
  • Fierce is the 1st lion/pride leader to not make an appearance in the book