No mangy half-grown prideless lion is going to get the credit for saving Ruthless. I'll take the cub. Give him to me.
―Cunning confronting Fearless

Cunning was a lion who was a part of Titanpride before he was killed by cheetahs. He also had a nick in his ear.


Broken Pride

Cunning was seen with Titan along with an unnamed male lion when they go to challenge Gallant for leadership. When Titan and Gallant fought, Gallant managed to defeat Titan in a one-on-one match. However, Cunning along with Titan's other crony joined the fight and attacked Gallant even though the battle was supposed to be one-on-one. Gallant then died from the unfair match and Titan became the leader of Gallantpride, now Titanpride. After Gallant's death, Titan sent Cunning after Gallant's heirs to keep them from succeeding their father. Fearless managed to escape while Valor stayed behind to fight Cunning.

While Fearless was in exile, Valor was spared and was taken hostage along with the rest of Gallantpride's lionesses and was forced to be part of Titanpride. After Titan caught Fearless sneaking around in his territory to see Swift, Cunning was present when Titan went to confront Fearless who recognized Cunning. However, Titan's confrontation with Fearless was soon interrupted by Artful when she informed him that their cub, Ruthless had been kidnapped by cheetahs. Cunning was still present when Fearless made a deal with Titan that if he retrieved Ruthless for him, he would spare Swift and Valor.

However, while Fearless left to look for Ruthless, Cunning tracked him down until he found Fearless with the cheetahs along with Ruthless. Fearless was retrieving Ruthless back from the cheetahs when Cunning intervened and spoiled Fearless's plan. Eventually, Cunning was killed by the cheetahs.


  • Cunning was named for his Cunning, however he was not cunning, as a truly cunning lion would not have been killed by cheetahs.