The Crownleaf is the highest rank in the Brightforest Troop of baboons. Crownleaves are in charge of the whole troop. They monitor and lead the actions of troops, foreign relations, position in a battle or war, the community of the troop, the religious ceremonies, the events and processions, the camp, and they have power over every baboon in the troop. In order for the Crownleaf to make a decision for the troop, they had to have the decision discussed by the Highleaf Council and the Starleaf. However, in Code of Honor, Stinger Crownleaf dissolves the Council, replacing it with the rank of Strongbranches. Strongbranches are the protectors of the troop and carry out the decisions made by Stinger. Stinger also disbanded the Council, because he wanted to have no opposition during his rise to power.

List of Crownleaves.


  • Stinger became Crownleaf after having murdered Bark and Grub and breaking the Code.