Cloud was the name of an elephant that lived during the beginning of Bravelands. It was said that the elephant was so brave that he was not ever afraid, not even of lions or crocodiles. He was so smart that he could understand what the birds were saying. And he was so strong that if a tree fell across his family's path, he would just pick it up and toss it out of the way. One night, he saw a star fall down. The star Cloud saw was big and bright. It fell with a great boom, so he knew it landed somewhere near him. He whispered in his mother's ear that he would be right back and not to worry about him. And he started walking across the grass towards the star.

Cloud searched everywhere for the star. He walked an walked, tired and thirsty. He traveled far, through the woods and across the savannah, and up a steep, steep hill, and finally he reached the top. And way down in the valley below, he saw a bright light shinning. It was the brightest, whitest light he'd ever seen, and it was beautiful. He didn't feel tired anymore and he wasn't thirsty. All he wanted was to find his star. At last he reached the star, and is light was dazzling. Cloud knew he'd reached where he was going, and all his journey had been worth it, every bit. And cloud stretched out his trunk to touch the light. And he touched the light and he was happy.

Cloud's story was told by Sky Strider as a way to calm her baby cousin, Moon. She told the ending of his story as he was dying.



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