The Brightforest Troop is a troop of baboons that previously lived in the Tall Trees, but now reside on Baboon Island. Thorn combined This Troop with Justice and Crookedtree Troop and formed an unnamed Troop.




The council was run by the Crownleaf and the 14 oldest Highleaves until Stinger declared that it would be replaced by the rank of Strongbranches.


One could increase their status by completing any of the Three Feats, but they were repealed and replaced by Strongfeats.


Driftleaf was formerly a new rank founded by Stinger to control the other residences in the Bravelands. This rank would've been abolished along with the Strongbranches after Stinger was defeated and succeeded by Thorn.


Crownleaves are the highest rank in the Brightforest Troop and their leader. The holder is a Highleaf chosen by the troop through voting. A baboon can only become a Crownleaf if the former Crownleaf dies, and they are a Highleaf.


The Strongbranch rank was created by Stinger. Baboons are given this title by displaying the utmost loyalty to Stinger, along with passing a Strongfeat named by him. This rank can be obtained by any baboon, regardless of rank. Strongbranches hold power over any of the lower ranked baboons. By Stinger's word, the Strongbranch rank has replaced the Council, which the latter is now disbanded. By the end of Blood and Bone, the Strongbranch band was disbanded by Thorn after Stinger was killed with it's members being exiled for aiding Stinger.


The Starleaf interprets omens for the troop sent though occurrences in the world around them. How to obtain the rank is that the holder has to be a Highleaf and the ability to interpret signs..


Goodleaf baboons help the injured and sick baboons in the troop. How to become a Goodleaf is you have to achieve the Highleaf Rank.


A baboon used to be able to obtain this rank by completing all of the Three Feats. Only Highleaves were permitted to become councilors, but this became due to Stinger disbanding the Council. However, the council would've been reinstated when Thorn succeeded Stinger.


The rank just below Highleaf. Middleleaves, along with Highleaves, are allowed to fight.


The second lowest rank. They are under no circumstances allowed to fight.


The lowest rank within the troop. This title is held by baboons younger than six years and adults that have not completed any of the Three Feats. These baboons fetch bedding, rummage for scraps, and clean up after the others.

The Three Feats

The Three Feats was a method to gain a higher rank in the hierarchy of the troop, before getting replaced by Strongfeats. They could be held within a period of three consecutive days. Curiously, cheating on the Feats was allowed and there was no punishment for it. Once a baboon failed a feat, they were not allowed to retry.

Stealing an Egg From a Flesh-Eating Bird

The first feat required a baboon to steal an egg from a bird of prey before the moon is full.

Crocodile River Feat

The second feat was crossing a river filled with crocodiles before sundown. This feat was watched by members of the former Council to confirm completion of the Feat.

Baboon Duel

The final Feat was a duel between two baboons in the Glade of Duels on the Duel Stone. The first baboon to hit the floor lost, while the winner was promoted to the next highest rank.

Known Inhabitants

Fearless Gallantpride (formerly)



Nut (formerly)

Stinger (deseased)


Starleaf (character) (deseased)



Fang (formerly)

Thorn's parents (deceased)


Bark (deceased)

Grub (deceased)

Beetle (formerly)





Grass (formerly)



Frog (deceased)

Worm (formerly)