Brighteyes was a rhinoceros calf.  She was the daughter of Stronghide.



     Brighteyes was the daughter of Stronghide, and was the light of his life. As described by Silverhorn, Brighteyes was beloved by everyone in her crash, as, like her namesake, the rhinoceros calf was quite optimistic and cheerful, and was mourned by all when she died of an illness. This illness, along with a strong love for his daughter, prompted Stronghide to push his pride aside, and ask the Great Mother for help. However, the Great Mother was unable to do anything to cure Brighteyes, as curing illnesses were out of her control. As a result of not being able to get any help, Brighteyes succumbed to the sickness, leaving the crash in mourning. Due to the Great Mother not being able to do anything, Stronghide formed a bitter grudge against her, which quickly boiled into a lust for vengeance. In order to achieve this, Stronghide teamed up with Stinger Crownleaf  to plot the Great Mother's death and finally succeeded in doing so.