[Nut] will never be above you. You are ten times the baboon he is. I'll never forget that, and I not going to let you go. We'll be together, Thorn. Maybe it has to stay a secret, but I will always be true to you.
―Berry to Thorn on their relationship.

   Berry is a female baboon and a character in Bravelands. She lives in the Bravelands and is the love interest of Thorn. She is the daughter of Stinger, a well-respected baboon of the Brightforest Troop. She is ranked as a Highleaf. Nut is believed to have a love interest for her, because he hates Thorn. She was attacked by monkeys in Code of Honor and had her tail severed. Berry was found by the Brightforest Troop and was immediately nursed by Petal and Moss Goodleaf. At the end of Code of Honor, she was present at the Great Gathering of the coronation of Stinger as Great Father. She became disgusted by Thorn as Stinger spreads propaganda and vile slanders that the former killed Bark and Grub Crownleaf, and Starleaf as well as using her for his own benefits. 

Physical appearance

Berry is a female baboon with golden-brown fur and large brown eyes. her face is always said to be caring and gentle. She is slender and long-legged, with the characteristic short tail and dexterous, human-like hands of a baboon. She is said to be quite pretty, and has short, rounded ears and a long, furless snout. She was left with a stump for a tail after she was attacked by monkeys in Code of Honor.


Throughout Broken Pride, Berry is portrayed as kind, gentle, and caring to others, particularly her friends, Thorn and Mud, as well as her father, Stinger Crownleaf. However, at the end of Code of Honor, Berry dislikes Thorn due to the spread of propaganda from Stinger during the latter's coronation as Great Father. However, she eventually realizes that Thorn isn't guilty when the latter reunites her with her long-lost mother. 



7 years ago, Berry was born to Pear Goodleaf and Stinger Highleaf[1] in Crookedtree Troop. However her father was greedy and desired power. So Stinger (known as Seed) attempted to become the troops new leader when he murdered Marula, the Crownleaf at the time. His mate Pear witnessed his treachery and questions the reason behind his actions much to the formers shock as he expected the latter to be pleased with him.[1] The rest of Crookedtree Troop proceeds to exile him but not before he kidnaps his daughter. He then lies to Berry that her mother was deceased and together they stumble upon Brightforest Troop and together they are accepted.

Broken Pride

Thorn thinks of Berry, thinking of how he'll be a Highleaf someday.

Code of Honor

Blood and Bone



  • Berry is 7 years old.[2]
  • A berry is a fruit that grows on plants.


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