The battle against Dauntlesspride was a very gruesome battle in which Titanpride captured the lions of Dauntlesspride. When Keen Dauntlesspride tried to stand up against Titan, Fearless was impressed that he would attempt to combat him.

"All lions know that Titan is a breaker of the Code." - Dauntless to Titan
"Not today, Keen. Not yet. This is a battle I must fight alone." - Dauntless explaining that he must be the only one who fights Titan
"By the laws of our ancestors, I, Dauntless, fight to keep this pride." - Dauntless, wanting to keep his pride
'Dauntless swiped at Titan, but his movements were slow. The huge black-maned lion dodged the blow. With a snarl, he pounced, slamming into Dauntless's side and forcing him to the ground. The older lion struggled, but Titan pinned him down with one paw on his shoulder and one on his flank. He opened his jaws wide and plunged them into the older lion's throat. Dauntless's legs kicked once, and then were still.' - The quick, one-paragraph fight