Babble is a food-craving and vivacious oxpecker. He is friends with another oxpecker named Chatter and is the more serious of the two. Babble is always confused by the language of Grasstongue, because he does not speak it, while he does listen to it while eating. He and his friend Chatter, follow the Code and respect the Great Spirit. They also respect the vultures of Bravelands. He and Chatter are summoned to a Great Flock by a crane. They are shocked when they hear from Windrider that Great Mother is dead and they start to question the future of Bravelands.


In Code of Honor

   Babble is seen talking with Chatter about the rhinos' urgency as they take food from a rhino's ear. Later, they are summoned to a Great Flock and Windrider announces that Great Mother is dead.

   Later, in the epilogue, she talks to Chatter before asking what kind of news to Windrider. She says, "Good news, Babble Oxpecker. The Great Spirit has returned."